Simple Marriage

Our story

Simple Marriage began in January 2008 as a blog aimed at helping people experience more in marriage and relationships.

Since then, it’s evolved to more than just a blog.

Now Simple Marriage is a small business that produces quality resources and products to help with the various things that often occur in marriage.

To further our reach and the depth of material offered via Simple Marriage, in the summer of 2012 Dr. Allan teamed up with Michael Smalley and created The Simple Marriage Course and Academy - a revolutionary new way to improve marriages around the globe!

Simply put, Simple Marriage is in the marriage improvement and education business.

So what does this mean? Glad you asked.

What Marriage Education Is

Marriage education’s focus is on taking action to prevent future problems, and it is aimed at transforming marriages to provide healthy stability and unity for families and communities. It includes such activities as reading books, studying in groups, taking courses, and participating in workshops. It provides important knowledge, skills, and attitudes about relationships and marriage to foster a gradual and organic improvement process.

Marriage education focuses on building a couples capacity and strengths. It equips people to be healthy individuals with many character strengths, which then translates into them being better spouses. This could include preparation for relationships and marriage for individuals and couples of all ages and experience levels. Marriage education also provides marriage-strengthening tools for healthy married couples who want to continue learning, growing, and developing.

Marriage education is an excellent choice for:

  • unmarried people interested in learning about relationships
  • couples considering dating, courtship, and marriage
  • newly married couples
  • unmarried people and couples considering re-marriage
  • couples experiencing the usual ups and downs of married life
  • couples experiencing external tests that can affect the marriage
  • couples in life-stage transitions
  • couples with strong marriages that enjoy enriching their marriage further


What Marriage Education is Not

Marriage education is not counseling or therapy, but instead it focuses on building understanding and competence. It is not generally for couples in crisis, although marriage education can provide skill building and assistance for deeply troubled couples considering separation or divorce.

There is a section of Simple Marriage devoted towards marital crisis and chronic issues (see below).

Marriage education may warn some couples who are experiencing difficulties of the need to address their problems. However, the timing of marriage education sometimes may not be appropriate when a marriage is in active crisis or decline. This could include:

  • signs of estrangement or aversion
  • chronic conflict
  • any type of abusive behavior
  • infidelity
  • significant diminishing in feelings of hope, joy, commitment

Seriously troubled couples may find marriage education by itself to be discouraging and would benefit from professional services. This could come in the form of working with a therapist in your area or joining The Simple Marriage Course and Academy.

Everything we offer is backed by a 100%, rock-out-your-marriage guarantee for a full year, and more resources are on the way.

Viva la marriage!